Hello Beautiful People!

Your Hi, I’m Vittoria,

Your Launch Marketer Assistant, Tech VA & Funnel Designer.

Hi, I’m Vittoria,

Your Launch Marketer Assistant, Tech VA & Funnel Designer.

I help content creators SHOW up confidently online, SHARE your magnetic message, and SELL your irresistible offerings.

My mission is to transform boring businesses into magnetic, memorable launches with the help of accessibility practices.

Been looking for the ideal opportunity to take your Offer to the next level?

Feel all over the place with your offer, all the time during a launch?

  • Feel all over the place with your offer, all the time?
  • Cluttered and unfocused launch message, positioning, and not connecting with your people?
  • Not sure what to post/share or even start, so you hold back from doing anything?
  • Doing the work, but not seeing the results you're expecting yet?

Real People + Real Results


Robyn Bennett

“Vittoria is EVERYTHING you could ever ask for when it comes to partnering up with her.”

Vittoria helped me to integrate various parts of many clients of mine into one well-oiled machine.

She is very empathetic and makes you believe in your abilities instead of putting you down like some other companies.

Vittoria will work with you until you are 100% happy with the results and even after the work is done she will email you asking how things are going. I love her approach. She never tries to force you to do a plan that you are not comfortable doing.

She will shower you with invaluable information and support constantly in her daily messages with you, encouraging you

I can’t recommend her enough! She is currently working with me full-time.


Maja Miller

"Ended up with a beautiful project. "

Vittoria was very receptive to feedback. She was very open to my ideas and collaborating. She was very responsive. Yes, I'd recommend Vittoria because she was very open to my idea and collaborated in a really lovely way. She finished the project on time and it was beautiful.


Welmoed van Maanen - Verhagen

“I'm so glad Vittoria helped me out with moving my course content over from Teachable to FG Funnels!”

She is quick and very reliable, and I loved it that she went above and beyond with some extra suggestions, like adding captions to my videos to make them more inclusive. If you're looking for someone fun to work with, who's reliable and gets the job done fast, hire Vittoria!


Arielle Shnaidman

“Vittoria has changed my damn world!”

Design is not my zone of genius and I needed someone in my corner

who could support me. She goes ideas that never crossed my mind (again - this is not my zone of genius). I can't tell you have much time Vittoria has freed up for me and also, how much stress and anxiety she has lifted from my

shoulders. If you get the chance to work with her - DO IT!


Get Ready To:

  • Get ultra-clear on your launch and how you want to serve.
  • Uncover the X-factor that magnetizes people to your offer.
  • Create a solid launch plan AND be able to implement it across all your platforms.…

WITHOUT a 12+ week time commitment ... … or $10K-$25K investment.

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