LeivaDoce Gestion de Comunicaion Online


Overview Branding

Facundo Leiva Doce is a manager of online communication. He knew it was time to update his brand and website design. That is why he came to me. During our branding session, he made it very clear 3 main goals:

Goal 1:

  • Help his client to understand how their performance fits into the bigger picture

Goal 2:

  • Provide systematic planning among his clients

Goal 3:

  • Provide a modern way of listening to digital devices.

Using our branding strategy session, I decided to use the idea of chat bubble with modern colors.


Overview Website Strategy

During our website strategy session, I asked him about his main 3 goals he has in mine for his website.

Goal 1:

  • Create trust in the public and in my target audience

Goal 2:

  • Improve the satisfaction of small businesses. Focus mainly on the services we provide to small businesses

Goal 3:

  • Drive web traffic, attract potential small businesses, generate leads and re-attract existing customers.