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I will admit it, I have a small list. The major reason why is because I feel that I don’t know my audience enough. Yes, sure you can segment them based on their interest. But that basically it. I felt limited. However that changed, when Interact * came into my life. Oh boy, oh boy! If there was a tool where you can basically plug and play,  Interact * is your tool to truly get to know your audience. The best part is it super simple to use. It basically does the quiz for you.

So, just how easy was it to create the lead generation quiz? You need to do some prep work before. But trust me, Interact * makes it so simple that it basically writes itself. Let me walk you through the process I followed

Determine which is your BEST highest viewed content. Look at your analytics and analytic the numbers.

When looking at your data, in a notebook you should jot down the following answers to these questions you should ask yourself :

    • What pages do people spend the most time on?
    • What’s the month-over-month growth rate of my audience?
    • What are my top landing pages by my audience?
    • What are my top pages in terms of pageviews?

Based on your answers and analyze the data, you can move on to step 2.

Finding ways to improve your highest viewed content. You should make 4 different personalities out of it

What helps me creating these personalities is thinking about their reactions. How would each personality react when they read my highest viewed postThese personalities will help you create questions later. Also, they will guide your audience to their personalities result.  Can you make a content upgrade from these personalities and the highest viewed post? This will be your call to action to your quiz.

Brainstorm the 4 personalities results based on the content.  

Write out the personalities result. I choose to make a music personality where I combined music genre and brand personalities. Then I made it super simple:

  • WARM & INTENSE BALL OF FIRE STYLE = Country + Bluegrass
  • STRONG & DRIVEN STYLE = Rock + Metal

Create Brand Graphics that represent each personality

Once you wrote your personalities result, create 4 different graphics for them. Graphics are super important because it helps your audience understand their personality visionary. I created 4 different mood board that reflect each personality. These graphics will help you easily create your content upgrade. They should all intertwine and be consistent with your content upgrade. These graphics must also have cover personalities

Brainstorm quiz questions based on your personalities

Here is where the fun begins. After you created your personalities, then you want to make questions based on the personalities answers. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Have fun. Think about how each personality would react to your questions. It is important to have an idea of where your audience would answer. 

Tip: If you are stuck on creating amazing questions, don’t worry because Interact *got you covered. Which I will cover that part later on.

 Long behold come to the easiest, simple and faster platform to create quizzes. Ladies and Gentlemen, I presented you with Interact.*

After all your prework you did (picking content, creating personalities, and making the quiz answers), all you truly must do is plug and play. Let me show you how with these 4 easier processes without feeling overwhelmed:


Since you did a lot of prework, you should choose Scratch. No need to feel overwhelmed. You already have the work, you just need to plug and play.  

Here is the dashboard as to how to enter all your prep work into the Interact platform *

As you can see Interact * made it super easy and intuitive to create a quiz from scratch.

Once done with entering your personalities and questions, now it is time to integrate your email provider to your quiz to get data result.

Go to your email provider and create a list, upload your result personality content upgrade, and create a welcome email for each personality. And behold you are done! 

Interact * is one of the simplest, easy quiz builders out there. It is super intuitive, and the best part anyone can do it. Even the non-tech person. Step by step instruction. In fact, the prep work took longer than creating the quiz itself. Amazing right.

 If you are looking for a way to learn about your audience in a fun and interactive way without all the headache of learning new tech stuff, Interact * is your place to be!

Speaking of learning about more about yourself, why not take the brand music personality quiz to get started


Make A Quiz With Interact

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