• You are hung up on not getting anywhere when it comes to designing (or should I say redesigning over the redesign) your brand lead alone your website.
  • You feel like the whole concept of having a brand and site online is more of a Debbie downer than an exciting business adventure.
  • It ends up taking you months to get something done the way you want it. You feel like your efforts are trial-and-error and it's difficult to know exactly why your brand and website are not getting rave reviews as you hope.
  • Your brand and site are not doing what they are meant to do, ergo giving you OUTSTANDING results in your business.
  • Creating just for glitz and glam is not enough. Your brand and web designs should be driven by real results, not hopeful hunches
  • You’re itching for a well-planned approach and a purposeful design that really reflect on your business goals. And you need the clarity, guidance, and structure to achieve them.

You already have passion, a creative edge is just burning inside of you and

most important you've got the skills and you do a great work.


Vittoria Daelli - Creative Halcyon - Brand + Web Designer

Hi, I'm Vittoria

Who am I? What do I do?

I will help you ditch the brand and website shame and step into your role as a CEO by crafting a brand that will capture your ultimate goals in your business. Together we will cut through the glitz and glam and get effectively in aiming what you have in mind, but somehow you can’t accomplish by yourself.

By getting clear on your overall business goals before the design begins, we’re able to purposefully design a focus and functional experience so that you can attract results.

Vittoria Creative Halcyon Brand + Web Designer

After moving from Canada to Argentina, I studied and got my degree in Fine Arts and Photography. From there, working as a photographer assistant, I decided to go back to school and get my Bachelors in Multimedia Graphic Design. Working as a freelancer for different small businesses, clients always asked me to design their website. But I soon discovered that my design skills wouldn’t match up when it comes to the web. Applying design techniques is not used on the web when you don’t have a clear plan of how to do certain things. I went back to school to get another degree in Front-End Developer.

Unlike many other designers, and after many… been there…done that’s… I came upon my very unique approaches… When it comes to “branding” (doing colors, fonts, and other aesthetic choices), my approach focuses on what matters most — results that not only look beautiful but really work.

With a blend of stunning design, precise execution, and uncompromising quality, I offer a creative partnership rooted in strategy and expertise to your unique business objectives and ultimately, the needs of your customers.

I started Creative Halcyon because I’ve always had this core desire to be helpful. I want to leave some positive impact on the world because apparently having Cerebral Palsy makes me different, but I like it. And I realized that the best way to do this was is the right way, no gimmicks, no fake promises, just the way you always wanted, but with a real guidance of a real expert in the field.