The greatest achievement for all creative entrepreneurs is a tight connection with their customers/clients. The key to developing this important link is by identifying where will your brand future look like for your audience and how can they relate back to your brand.

In the Branding Ladder Planner workbook, I laid out 6 solid foundation questions I always start out asking my creative entrepreneurs. It is a way for them to really map out their brand’s future. In this post, you will see 3 major benefits with their solutions that will help you identify how to determine your brand’s future. 

3 major benefits why you need the Branding Ladder Planner workbook

1 -BENEFIT: help you understand your drives for discovering those underneath branding goals you have when you first started your business and what you foresee toward into the future.

PROBLEM WHEN YOU DON’T HAVE A CLEAR DIRECTION: When we first begin our branding journey, typically we want the word out. We have an amazing idea and we want to promote it. GREAT. But the problem here is that we need to put in the work so we can find our focus when it comes to our target audience, promoting our service/product and our passion. If we cannot define the 5 W’s and H in our brand, we cannot see the potential in our brand’s purpose.  The 5 W’s and H are the solid foundations in any brand.

SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM:  BRANDING LADDER PLANNER workbook aims to creative entrepreneurs who feel that they are at a crossroads with their business. With this guide, you will be able to identify a central focus for your energy to develop, create more purposeful service/product for your audience, work smarter, and grow your brand with a clear direction.

I developed this workbook after working with new creative entrepreneurs who are ready to take their brand to another level. Also, they have been struggling to pinpoint the focus and purpose of their service/product they offer to their audience.

2- BENEFIT: It will enable you to remove yourself from your brand, leading to more objective insights.

PROBLEM WHEN YOU ARE GO WITH THE FLOW AND LOST YOUR “WHY” FACTOR: Insanitydoing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein. This statement holds true when your brand focus is lost; you don’t let growth into your business.

Finding the actual intention in your brand will help you define your future growth. Here we can see the possibilities and the potentials you have when you stop being too attached to your brand and what it once meant when you first started to start being more objective with purpose insights in your brand. Answering the 5 W’s and H will help you achieve objective insights you never thought it was possible. This solid foundation will guide you to steer clear when developing growth in your brand and focus.

SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM: Intention is the difference between a brand that opens doors for you and one that constantly feels like you’re wading through treacle. By taking the time to focus on what you want to be known for, you can then make objective decisions that will help move your business forwards.

The way we began intentionally in our brand is when we start incorporating these 3 questions when we think about what we REALLY want out of our brand:

  1. Motivation — WILL BE
  2. Possibility — WOULD BE
  3. Potential — MIGHT BE

Branding Ladder Planner workbook will help you guide you through this process. Rather than starting from ‘What do I need to know to be motivated when it comes to my brand in the future?’, and thereby setting limits to what you can discover, BRANDING LADDER PLANNER opens the issue up, allowing you to gain new knowledge and information from a variety of angles.

3- BENEFIT: It will help you see different ways of moving forward with your brand; establish and develop growth.

PROBLEM WHEN YOUR BRAND’S MESSAGE IS LOST: Being a creative entrepreneur means that you have to wear many hats. Between being on top of promotions, sales, marketing, writing posts, creating graphics, attending to your client/customers. It is a never ending story. In the middle of the mayhem, your brand message is getting sidetracked.  It is important to check in on your brand message and its consistency whenever this starts to happen. The way you can do this is through the 5 W’s and H Foundation.

SOLUTION TO YOUR PROBLEM: Start by writing out side by side:

  1. Past – WHAT IT WAS (did)
  2. Current – WHAT IS IT CURRENTLY (is)
  3. Ability – WHAT IT CAN DO (can)

When you actually see the before, during and future forecast, you will be able to gear toward your brand’s purpose to create an action plan.

Like with all workbooks out there online, there are pro and cons.

BRANDING LADDER PLANNER provides a structured, efficient and visual approach for rebuilding focus to your brand again. Another advantage of using this worksheet is the versatility. It can be applied to any problem or opportunity you have with your brand. The simplicity of completing the worksheet by following the across-and-down approach, and how the questioning gently becomes more complex – and contested – as you move from left to right across the grid.

However, the disadvantage is that while the Branding Ladder Planner helps you to generate focus in your brand again with many different questions, some of these questions will be redundant. You will generate questions that you never use, which can be frustrating. In addition to this, while you select the most appropriate questions to seek answers to, this does not necessarily mean that you will be able to gain answers to them and therefore there may be evidence gaps. While having good questions increases the chances that you will gather robust evidence, it does not guarantee it.

The strengths and weaknesses of Branding Ladder Planner would look like this:


Strengths Weaknesses
Simple to use Doesn’t always bring answers
Gently becomes more complex and contested No guarantee of good answers
Structured and systematic Has redundancy
Versatile Frustrating



BRANDING LADDER PLANNER can be a tool to help you answer big branding issues, perhaps even those that keep you awake at night. BRANDING LADDER PLANNER can:

  • Help you understand your drives for discovering those underneath branding goals
  • Enable you to remove yourself from your brand, leading to more objective insights
  • Help you see different ways of moving forward with your brand.

Asking questions systematically will improve your brand goal and future growth, and therefore you can always refer back to a solid action plan with the 5 W’s and H.


Do you have a strategy or tip that helps when you’re feeling overwhelmed when you don’t see any brand growth due to your loss of focus? I’d love to hear from you! Be sure to share in the comments. Also, don’t forget to download the workbook by hitting the picture below!





Author: Creative Halcyon - Vittoria Daelli

Vittoria is the brand + web designer behind Creative Halcyon. She helps creative entrepreneurs ditch the brand and website shame and step into their role as a CEO by crafting a brand that will capture their ultimate goals in their business. Creative Halcyon's mission is to leave some positive impact on the world.

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