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I had the most fun conversation with Abagail and Emylee of Boss Project about the upcoming Boss Project Summit sponsored by Dubsado. They’ve created specifically for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Boss Project

I am so excited to be a part of it and excited to help fellow creative entrepreneurs to get SO MANY resources at your fingertips. It’s a 3-day virtual event with 25 speakers designed to help you market, scale and grow your creative business – there will so many experts and business rockstars sharing their amazing journeys and best content. The event will be from August 20 to 22, 2019. Here’s the absolute best part…it’s all totally FREE. Yup, you read that right, you can attend and watch every Keynote Speaker (include me ) and various Breakout Sessions for FREE! Sign up today*!

Today I want to share with you 10 questions I asked Abagail and Emylee regarding the Boss Project Summit. Because I truly want you to see how much value you will get when you sign up* for this event!

1. What do you think are the most common challenges creative entrepreneurs and business owners face now a day? And how will this summit help them?

It’s becoming harder and harder every single day to find valuable, actionable and relatable resources. There are so much value AND so much noise in this space for creative entrepreneurs. We know the power of unlocking the right resource at the right time in our own business so we hope that this Summit can be that for someone else. We’ve brought only the best of the best to the virtual stage so attendees can be assured that their time will be well spent here at Boss Project Summit!*

2. Why did you create this summit? What do you expect creative entrepreneurs and business owners get out of it?

We created this Summit * to be an immensely valuable resource for creative entrepreneurs. After building our own online education company we knew that there were even more incredible people for y’all to learn from. So we decided to bring them to the (virtual) stage. We hope that other business owners use this Summit as everything it’s intended to be. A kicking off point for the start of your business. A ramp-up for growth. A clarity provider. There’s SO MUCH that you can get from these three days! Save your Seat! Sign up Today!*

3. Since this isn’t your first summit, what made you create this summit again?

We definitely didn’t expect to love hosting a Summit as much as we did when we first launched Boss Project Summit last Fall…but here we are on round three! After hosting our first summit, it became really apparent how few and far between valuable AND affordable resources really were for small business owners. Access to an in-person summit, high-end courses, or even a coach isn’t realistic for everyone. We wanted to keep this event going (and to keep bringing on amazing speakers) so EVERYONE had an opportunity to access top-notch content.

4. What is the difference between yours and the other business’s summits?

It’s truly a party. We go all out for three straight days to create as intimate of an experience as possible. Even though it’s virtual and even though there are thousands of people attending we want to do everything we can to help make connections happen. One of those cool features is our LIVE chatroom that happens at every single session. We get our speakers and attendees hanging out in there and the networking that goes down is incredible. It’s super easy to feel alone in the online space so we do our best to help bring a connection where we can. Sign up Today!*

5. What can we expect during the 3-day summit?

A-ha moments! Full notebooks! High energy! Breakthroughs! Oh, so many things happen during Summit week. We hear from so many of our past attendees that they receive amazing clarity and direction in their business during the summit. That they make lifelong connections with other biz besties. That they got to chat with a speaker they have looked up to for so long. Oh, it’s just magic. Sign up Today! Save Your Seat!*

6. What made you choose these speakers?

We chose our speakers by what they can bring to the table. Is there a perspective that needs to be heard? A strategy that hasn’t been taught? A story that needs to be shared? We’ve been to conferences in the past that have recycled a lot of their speakers year after year and it all starts to blend together. We wanted our stage to be open to people with big and small audiences. Years of experience and total newbies. If you have something to say and you have the guts to get on the virtual stage and share it – chances are you’re a good fit for Boss Project Summit. *

7. What made you decide to pick my topic? Why do you think it is important to create awareness, in the entrepreneurial world, establishing the right mindset when it comes to talking about disabilities and the uncomfortable feeling that tag along with it?

We picked this topic because it needs to be shared. There are so many instances where disability goes unseen or unacknowledged so people are then left with the lack of skills to navigate the various needs of others. We hope your presentation can spark some insight in and actionable steps for other small business owners. Sign up Today! Save your seat!*

8. Why should our audience attend? What will it make it worth wild?

If anyone in your audience is hoping to grow their business, their paycheck or their mindset this is the place to be. We’ve got topics ranging from social media to selling to scaling. With over 20 speakers there’s bound to be a topic or 12 that will greatly impact other small business owners.

9. What are you hoping to gain from the experience of introducing new issues in regards to the differently able world?

Personally, we’re hoping to get some actionable steps for some changes we’re sure we can make within our own company. In the bigger picture, we hope this conversation simply opens up a broader stage for topics like this one to continue to be had.

10. Finally, do you have any advice for people who want to attend ALL the presentations?

You better pour yourself a giant pot of coffee or grab your VIP All-Access ticket! We give access to every single presentation for FREE, but for a limited time. That way if you are on a budget you can still have an amazing experience and learn from the Summit. But with 9+ sessions a day it’s a lot to take in. We created the VIP All-Access Pass for attendees to be able to get access to every single session for life. That way you can catch the ones you need right now live and save the rest for later! Sign up Today! Save your seat!*


Thank you, Abagail and Emylee, for hosting this amazing event! As you can see this Summit will be amazing! It literally has EVERYTHING a business owner would need. I wish this was created when I first entered the business world. Please don’t pass up this amazing opportunity! Sign up today! Save your seat!*

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